Release Notes


Adds changes to navigation system, default app, minor changes and bug fixes.

Workflow Changes

  • No workflow decorator for workflow views
  • Decorators don’t need to configure flow code
  • Workflow views don’t need flow decorator
  • No event flow links: Flow links can be triggered when flow variables match your criteria, with or without executing actions.
  • Flow META: A new table for meta variable/value has been added. As new workflow configuration variables are added, we don’t need to change model structure, just a data migration with new workflow meta variables. Currently we have meta variables for reset on start of flow, delete user data on end and jump to last view by user.

Default App

You can configure default app in When building urls using slugs, for components related to your default app, we do not show app slug, all views come from root path, like /contact-us.

If you want to disable, just have default app to ‘’


You need to migrate the ximpia apps: ximpia.xpcore and ximpia.xpsite:

python migrate ximpia.xpcore ximpia.xpsite

Since we now add request property to services, we need to inyect request into site service at your app file:

def home(request, **args):
    # Instantiage SiteService.home and return result
    site = SiteService(args['ctx'])
    site.request = request
    result = site.viewHome()
    return result


First mayor relase of Ximpia, adding visual components, service oriented architecture and ximpia-app building app script.

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